Compression Moulding

Charlesworths have been compression moulding bakelite & other thermoset materials since the 1920’s

Our range of compression moulding presses include:

  • Bradley & Turton fully automatic compression moulding presses with PLC control.
  • Bradley & Turton semi-automatic 75 ton¬†downstroke machines.
  • Daniels 120 ton high speed upstroke press with 20″ square platens.
  • Purpose built multi daylight hydraulic presses originally designed by Charlesworths in the 1930’s.

All enabling us to utilize existing tooling of any age, faithfully reproducing obsolete parts, or utilising the latest high spec thermosetting materials for your new projects.

We can accommodate any size of production run, specialising in short runs and one offs. We are also happy to work to call-off schedules and stockholding.
Materials regularly used include;
Phenolic / bakelite
Urea / Beetle
Polyester / DMC BMC
Alkyds / DAP
Rubbers / Nitrile / NBR / PVC Nitrile / Natural rubber